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For 39 weeks between 1969 and 1970, STRANGE PARADISE serialized the story of the curse plaguing the wealthy Desmond family, and their desperate efforts to purge it from their bloodline. Produced in Ottawa by Krantz Films, the series originated on Canada’s CJOH Television on October 20, 1969. However, it actually debuted in syndication in various markets across the United States on September 8, 1969, premiering a full six weeks earlier than CJOH’s “inaugural” broadcast. So despite its general perception as a Canadian series, STRANGE PARADISE actually found its first audience in the U.S. The series eventually ceased production in May of 1970, with 195 episodes to its credit. But its fans have never let STRANGE PARADISE die, much less rest in peace. Available in syndication for over 35 years, the show has popped up in the most unusual of venues (including 140 episodes distributed across Spanish language markets in Central and South America) and until recently aired daily on Canada’s Drive-In Classics.

Please explore and enjoy this site, but watch out! Evil lurks in the darkness on Maljardin... 

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From time to time we like to turn the spotlight on members of the STRANGE PARADISE cast in their various other endeavors. This time around we're giving you a double dose of familiar faces, in this rare image from the 1965 - '66 CBC series SEAWAY. The men at the bar are Kurt (Quito) Schiegl and Mel Scott (who appeared in Episode 4 of STRANGE PARADISE as Dr. Paton from the Cryonics Society). The shot looks sort of like Quito and Dr. Paton in their off hours, hanging out at the French Leave Cafe. Quite an unlikely pair of drinking buddies!

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