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  1. BE THE DOLL - Voodoo practitioners use dolls primarily for boring positive things like healing people or sparking romance. “If you harm your boss out of spite, karma dictates his replacement will be worse,” warns Brandi Kelley, owner of the Voodoo Authentica shop in New Orleans. If you’re willing to risk it, grab two sticks-one three inches long, one seven inches.

  2. MAKE THE DOLL - Form a cross by binding the two sticks with yarn. Wrap cotton around the longer stick and cover the body with a 14“x2½“ cloth poncho-for revenge, make everything black. Leave a hole in the middle for the head and cinch the ensemble with more yarn. Fashion a head out of a 3½“x2“ piece of cloth, then draw a face or tack on a photo.

  3. DO WEIRD STUFF TO THE DOLL - “Sticking a pin in a doll’s heart draws love,” Kelley says…but it can also cause a heart attack. Anoint the doll with essential oils from a drugstore while reading an appropriate Bible passage (Psalm 37 makes an enemy impotent). Repeat the ceremony for seven days. If it works, reward your doll with a Malibu Voodoo Dream House.



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