Hurricane Survival Tips for Maljardin

Like most tropical islands, Maljardin is often at the mercy of the elements.  Surviving a hurricane or typhoon on Maljardin takes only a little planning and preparation:

Leave the path of the Hurricane
Unfortunately, you cannot move the whole island and only Jean Paul or Quito are capable of navigating the treacherous waters of the channel. As Jean Paul will inform you, leaving the island is not an option for any guest on Maljardin

Secure your Home
Have Quito cover the Maljardin doors and windows securely (he may need a little supervision).  This will allow the house to withstand wind and wind pressure. If flying debris breaks a window or fierce winds kick in a door, the winds rushing inside will push the roof, trying to lift it, while the winds on the outside will create a suction. 

Verify the Operation of the Standby Generator
A generator can assist you if the power goes out.  A loss of power can knock out your lights, spoil the food in your refrigerator and thaw your cryonically frozen wife.  Always make sure that the generator is not located indoors as it will buildup dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Have a Disaster Kit
The Disaster Kit should include first aid supplies, non-perishable foods, water, non-perishable wives, sleeping bags, flashlights, voodoo dolls, batteries, and a weather radio.

Go to the Basement
If you do not have a basement or your basement is full of cryonic chambers holding loved ones, you can also go to an interior bathroom without windows.  Listen to your radio until the storm has passed.


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