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Nepean Museum
The Nepean Museum in Nepean, Ontario near Ottawa  

 Over 30 years after STRANGE PARADISE ended its original broadcast run, fans had a rare opportunity to see actual properties from the production up close and first-hand. Between October 2001 and January 2002, The Nepean Museum  in Nepean, Ontario, Canada presented an exhibit celebrating the history of CJOH-TV and its programming. On display were artifacts from shows originating on CJOH, including several props and materials from STRANGE PARADISE. Museum visitors were treated to viewings of the conjure doll, an early script, original blueprints of the primary Maljardin set, photos from the set, and a dress worn on the show. These artifacts were all kindly loaned to The Nepean for exhibition by Robert Wilson, Floor Director for STRANGE PARADISE in 1969. Below are a number of images of the items on display, graciously photographed by Andrea, a Nepean staff member involved with the exhibit, to give those of us who could not attend a small taste of what it was like to be there.

The Conjure Doll on display

Conjure Doll close-up

Costume from Strange Paradise

On the Set at Strange Paradise

Set Diagram from Strange Paradise episode

Close-up of the Set Diagram

Cast and Crew of Strange Paradise

Strange Paradise

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