Shadows In Paradise: Dan Curtis' visit to Maljardin?

The connections between STRANGE PARADISE and DARK SHADOWS have often been commented upon. Certainly, Steve Krantz's Canadian foray into supernatural drama must be viewed through the filter of Dan Curtis' earlier success in the field. And several former members of DARK SHADOWS' creative team "jumped ship" to mold STRANGE PARADISE, particularly during its Desmond Hall days. But, despite the defection of regulars like Robert Costello, Ron Sproat and Joe Caldwell, the key player from the DS creative team who never had any involvement with STRANGE PARADISE was the creator himself, Dan Curtis.

However, this does not mean that Curtis never visited Maljardin - or perhaps I should say Casa Loma. The accompanying photos are from Dan Curtis' 1996 made-for-cable production TRILOGY OF TERROR 2, and as you can see, the setting looks very familiar to fans of STRANGE PARADISE. A quarter of a century after Casa Loma was used as the backdrop for the series conceived as the chief rival to DARK SHADOWS, Dan Curtis found the location compelling enough to use in one of his own thrillers. Decades may have passed, but Casa Loma still looks like the home of Jacques Eloi des Mondes, even after all these years. Although, the snow looks a bit out of place for the Caribbean. Puts one in mind of Christmas on Maljardin.

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