The Return Of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes
by Debby Graham

Part 1 The Ring

Leaving the building Emily Desmond walks down the stairs of the public library and begins to wander down the street glancing at the different shops. She stops at a small curio shop and enters. She walks around looking at the merchandise on the shelves and the floor displays.

“Are you looking for something special?” A voice calls out from the back of the store.

As Emily turns towards the voice she sees a young woman emerge from the tall display cases. She’s dressed in a long dark blue dress with gold trim around the neck, sleeves and hem. Around her neck is a leather cord with a turquoise crystal pendant.

“No, but I would like to look around.”

“We have many antiques from different countries and different eras in history. I’ve also started to carry what people call New Age items like crystals, candles and incense. Take your time and look around.”

“Thank you.” Emily replies as she turns towards a book shelf.

The woman turns to a table on the side of the room and begins to open boxes.

Emily sees a bookcase full of old books and begins to look through them. Finding nothing of interest she notices a table display of old and antique jewelry. As she lifts a gold pendant a flash of red catches her eye. Walking to the end of the table she finds a ruby ring displayed on black velvet. Emily glances up as the worker walks by with a box of books. “How much is this ring?” Emily asks.

The woman sets the box down and steps over to Emily. “I don’t remember seeing that before.” She says as she glances at the ring.

“Could one of the other workers set it out?”

“I own this shop and I don’t have anyone working for me.”

“Please, I am really interested in this ring.”

The woman picks up the ring box that sits under the ring. “This is odd, there is a price of one thousand dollars attached and it’s written in my hand writing.”

“Maybe you just forgot that you had priced it and set it out.”

“That must be it.” The woman mumbles to herself as she stares at the ring. “I’ll take it up front for you until you’re ready to check out.”

“I’m ready now.” Emily says as the woman places the ring in its box. Emily follows her to the front of the store.

“Will this be cash or charge?” The owner of the store asks.

Emily hands a charge card to the woman.

“I hope you will be happy with your purchase.” The woman says as she draws the card through the machine.

“It is really for my husband.” Emily tells her as she stares straight ahead as if in a trance.

“Are you alright?” The owner asks as she hands back the card and the bag with the ring inside.

“Yes I’m fine, goodbye.”

“Goodbye, please come again.” The woman says as Emily turns and walks out the door.


Jean Paul and Emily have been happily married for a year. After the horror at Desmond Hall they moved into a mansion in the South of France that was left to Jean Paul from a distant relative by the name of Victor Desmond.

Enjoying the freedom of driving her own car instead of being driven by their chauffeur Emily arrives at the mansion and parks in the garage. She walks around to the front of the mansion and enters through the double French doors. “Jean Paul, Jean Paul are you home?” Emily calls out.

The housekeeper Mrs. Lucille Weston steps from the Drawing Room. “Mr. Desmond is upstairs changing his cloths. He asked me to tell you to go right up.”

“Thank you Lucille.” Emily says then rushes up the staircase. “Jean Paul I found the most beautiful ring.”

Jean Paul steps out of the wardrobe, pulls Emily into his arms and kisses her. “I’m glad you had a good day shopping. I told you to buy anything that caught your fancy.” He says as he gazes into her eyes.

“No darling I bought it for you for our first year wedding anniversary. Hold out your hand and close your eyes.” 

Jean Pail closes his eyes and smiles as he holds out his left hand.

Emily pulls the ring box out of the bag and opens it. She slips the ring on the finger next to his thumb. “Okay open your eyes.”

Jean Paul opens his eyes and glances down at his hand. A look of horror comes over his face and he pulls the ring from his dinger.

“Jean Paul what’s is it?” Emily cries out.

“Where did you get this cursed ring?”

“I told you in a little shop in town. Why what’s wrong?”

“This ring belonged to Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.”

“Are you sure? Maybe it just reminds you of it.”

“Believe me Emily it’s his ring. It must be destroyed.” Jean Paul tells her then walks from the room carrying the ring.

Emily rushes after him as Jean Paul walks into the kitchen. “Lucille could you please find me a pair of pliers and a hammer.”

“Pliers and a hammer Mr. Desmond?”

“Yes bring them to the garage.” 

“Yes sir.” Lucille replies as Jean Paul walks out of the side door followed by Emily.

“Jean Paul I’m so sorry.” Emily tells him as they enter the garage.

“It’s alright Emily. Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything..”

Lucille enters the garage and hands the tools to Jean Paul.

“Thank you Lucille.” Jean Paul says to her.

“Is there anything else that you need Mr. Desmond?”

“No you may go back inside.”

“Yes sir.” Lucille replies then walks out thru the garage door.

Jean Paul grips the ring in the pliers and squeezes. The ring crushes and as Jean Paul drops it into his hand it reverts to its original shape. Je places it on a work bench and hits it with a hammer. After it is smashed flat it reverts back then the ring disappears.

“Where did it go?” Emily asks as she steps closer to the bench.

Jean Paul glances at his hand as he feels it begin to tingle to discover the ring back on his hand. He pulls at the ring. “It won’t come off.” 

Emily tries to help by pulling and twisting the ring but it will not budge.

Laughter fills the garage. “You didn’t think that I had actually left you my descendant.” Jacques voice calls out.

“Jean Paul what have I done!” Emily cries out.

As Jean Paul holds her Jacques laughter echoes through the garage.

Part II. Family Ties

In the Canadian forest Philip Desmond hears a drum beat. He had been hiking through the woods and was walking back towards his camp but now he began to hurry. Entering a clearing near his tent Philip takes his totem from the inside pocket of his jacket and places it against his forehead.

“Orendo God of my people I have heard your call”

“Philip Desmond you are needed in France at the Desmond Mansion. Jean Paul needs you.” A voice calls out to him.

Philip lowers the totem as a man materializes near him. “Julian Desmond.” Philip says as Julian glances at him.

“Yes Philip, you must go to your cousin. Jacques Eloi Des Mondes evil was not destroyed at Desmond Hall. He plans to kill Jean Paul using Emily.” Julian says then disappears.

Philip quickly packs and walks back to his village.

The next morning Philip arrives at the docks and boards a boat that takes him to an ocean cruise ship. Most of the people aboard are on vacation but Philip stays in his cabin reading about the Des Mondes mansion in France. It had been passed down generation to generation starting with Victore Des Mondes the grandfather of Philippe and Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.


Across the hall a young woman also stays in her cabin reading. She closes her book as the bell rings announcing that dinner is ready to be served in the dining room. She closes her book and turns off the light. Moonlight shines from the window and onto the cover of her book. As she stands at the door she glances around the room and looks at the book. “Not this time Grandfather.” She whispers as she opens the cabin door and walks from the room.


Philip thinks back to Desmond Hall a year ago and the curse that began with Jacques Eloi Des Mondes where the Mark of Death originated. ‘When the curse was broken we thought that was the end of Jacques and his evil. How could he have come back? Is my family to be forever cursed by that demon?’ He silently questions.

Five days have passed before the ship docks at the Port of Calais in France. Philip arranges for a taxi to take him to the Desmond Mansion.


Jean Paul tries to take the ring off by any means he could think of but the ring stayed on as if it had grown there.

One week after she had given Jean Paul the ring Emily has a nightmare. She dreams that she is trapped in another world, a world that was gray and foggy. She can see her husband in bed asleep in front of her but no matter how hard she tries to reach him and call out to him he doesn’t awaken. The grayness darkens as someone joins her and begins to torment her. “You cannot save him. You now belong to me Emily.” She feels hands begin to grip her throat and she screams.

“Darling wake up.” Jean Paul says as he grips Emily’s thrashing body. “Emily what’s wrong?”

Emily opens her eyes and stops struggling. “Oh Jean Paul it was terrible I was trapped in a dark place and I couldn’t reach you. There was someone with me and I felt like I was going to die.” Emily sobs as she sits up and throws herself into Jean Paul’s arms.

“Darling it was only a dream.”

“No Jean Paul I think it’s going to happen!” Emily cries out.

Laughter fills the room.

“Jacques Eloi Des Mondes it’s over! Leave my family in peace!” Jean Paul shouts.

“But Jean Paul this is more interesting.” Jacques says with laughter.

“Damn you to hell Jacques, everything that was between us is over. The curse is gone and you have no hold over me.”

“Think again Jean Paul Desmond, it has never been over. When you pledged yourself to my Master it was forever.”

“What do you want from us?” Jean Paul asks.

“Your death will free me and as you leave your body I shall gain permanent possession of it.”

“That was never part of our pact.”

“I warned you on Maljardin that you were invoking my dark soul. Now I leave you to get some rest because I need your body strong and healthy.”

Emily begins to sob. “Oh Jean Paul what are we going to do?” 

“You have to be strong Emily. We can’t let that demon win.” Jean Paul says then settles Emily back against the pillows. As he holds her Emily falls into an exhausted sleep.


As dawn arrives there is a knock at the front door of Desmond Mansion. Jean Paul grabs his robe and rushes down the staircase. He opens the door.

“Hello cousin.” Philip says as he stands on the outside step.

“Philip come in, please come in.” Jean Paul tells him as he swings the door wider.

Philip steps inside and as he sets his bag down he notices the ring. “Then it is true, he’s back.”

“Yes.” Jean Paul says as he turns away from Philip.

“What happened, I thought he had found peace.”

Jean Paul turns back towards Philip. “Obviously not, please come into the Drawing Room.”

Philip picks up his bag and follows Jean Paul from the foyer.

After entering the Drawing Room Jean Paul closes the door as Philip walks across the room and sets his bag down and sits in a chair.

“Would you like coffee or tea?” Jean Paul asks.

“No nothing thank you. Tell me what happened.”

Jean Paul sits on a couch across from Philip. “Emily found an antique ring and bought it for me. It brought Jacques here, he plans to kill me and take possession of my body.”

“We won’t let that happen.” Philip says as he stands and begins to pace.

“Think again Philip Desmond, your Gods are not strong enough to defeat me this time.” Jacques voice echoes around the room.

“You were defeated once and you will be again.” Philip shouts at Jacques.

Jacques laughter echoes around the room, and then there is silence. 

“Are we to live our lives under the control of that demon?” Jean Paul asks as he stands and walks across the room to stare out the window.

“Don’t worry cousin we will find a way to defeat him once and for all.” Philip says as he stands behind Jean Paul and places his hand on his shoulder.

The Drawing Room door opens and Emily stands in the doorway. 

“Emily you should be back in bed.” Jean Paul says as he turns and sees her.

Emily just stands and stares straight ahead.

“Emily?” Jean Paul calls her name.

Philip walks over to Emily and raises his hand in front of her face.

“Philip what’s wrong with her?” Jean Paul asks as he walks over to them.

“She’s in a trance.” Philip says as he lowers his hand.

“Can’t you help her?”

“There’s something blocking me from reaching her.”

Emily raises her hands to her face then screams. She starts to collapse.

Jean Paul grabs her. “Philip help me get her to the couch.

After placing her upon the couch Philip places his hand on her head. “Jean Paul I don’t feel her spirit anymore.”

Jacques laughter fills the room. Through the laughter they hear someone knocking at the front door.

“Philip please stay with Emily.” Jean Paul says as he walks through the open doorway to the front doors. Opening the door he sees a young woman standing on the landing.

“Jean Paul Desmond?”


“It’s started hasn’t it?” The woman says to him.

Part III. Return To The Past

"What?" Jean Paul asks.

"His evil has returned." The young woman replies.

"Who are you?" 

"My name is Evette Desmond."

"I don't understand. There is no Evette that I can remember in the family.

"I am a distant cousin to you Mr. Desmond."

"Please come in." He says to her.

Evette steps inside and looks around. ""Yes it's as I remember." She says quietly to herself.


"Oh nothing Mr. Desmond."

Philip stands in the Drawing Room doorway. "You were on the boat with me."

Evette turns towards Philip. "Yes and you are?"

"Philip Desmond, also a distant cousin."

"Hello Philip Desmond." Evette says then glances at Jean Paul and notices his ring. "The Desmond heirloom."

"Yes, how do you know it?" Jean Paul asks.

"I have seen it many times. Mr. Desmond is there somewhere that I can freshen up?"

"Yes please forgive my manners." Jean Paul replies then walks across the foyer floor and tugs on a rope built into the alcove.

"Yes sir." Lucille says as she stands in the kitchen doorway.

"Please show Miss Desmond to a room. She will be staying with us for a while."

"Yes sir." Lucille replies then glances at Philip.

"Also please prepare a room for Mr. Desmond."

"Yes sir, Miss if you will follow me I will help you get settled in."

"Thank you." Evette replies.

"Didn't you bring your luggage?" Jean Paul asks as he glances at the entrance doorway.

"No I left in storage on the docks."

"If you will give me your keys I will have someone retrieve it for you." Jean Paul says to her.

"No thank you Mr. Desmond I will take care of it myself." Evette says then follows Lucille up the staircase.

Philip glances at Jean Paul. "That is a very strange woman."

Jean Paul nods. "I think that you are right. When I opened the door she looked at me and said that it has started."

Philip turns and looks up the staircase. "We'll find out more about our distant cousin when she joins us."

"How is Emily?" Jean Paul asks.

Philip turns and looks at Jean Paul. "Emily's life force returned when Miss Desmond entered the mansion.."

"How is that possible? Philip what is going on?"

"I sense something powerful about this woman but I don't know if it is good or evil."

Jean Paul glances at the staircase as Lucille steps onto the top landing. "Philip if you will go with Lucille she'll show you to your room."

"I'll grab my bag." Philip says as he steps into the Drawing Room.

Jean Paul follows Philip. "I'll stay with Emily while you unpack."

Philip steps closer to Emily. "She's sleeping now but she is still lost in a different world."

As Philip grabs his bag Jean Paul pulls up a chair next to the couch and picks up Emily's hand as he sits down.
"Don't worry Jean Paul we will defeat this new evil."

"I hope so Philip."

Philip walks from the room as jJean Paul lowers his head tiredly. "Oh God please help Emily. She doesn't deserve this." He whispers as his eyes close and he falls asleep.
Jean Paul begins to dream that he is back on Maljardin. He watches as Dan Forrest's boat gets caught in the whirlpool and Dan drowns. Next he is standing on the roof of the mansion and watches as Erica pushes Reverend Mathew Dawson from the edge and to his death. Now he finds himself in his secret room and watches as gloved hands strangle Tim Stanton. 

"No!" Jean Paul cries out.. "It's all over, what happened on Maljardin is over." He cries out in his sleep.

The dream continues as he watches Alison Carr slump over the table after drinking the poisoned wine. Now he is in the Great Hall and watches as Erica stabs Elizabeth Marshal in the chest.

"No!" Jean Paul screams as he jerks awake.

"Jean Paul you must go back." A voice calls out to him.

Jean Paul watches as the spirit of Vangie Abbott appears.

"Vangie? Am I still dreaming?" Jean Paul asks as he stands.

"No Jean Paul, I am here to help you."

"Can you help Emily?"

"The only way to help her is to go back to Maljardin and free the ghosts of your past."

"There is nothing left on Maljardin."

"They are there and you need to set them free."


"You must go back with love instead of the hatred and fear that you left with."

"I still don't understand."

"You must go back Jean Paul. My spirit will help guide you."

"What about Emily?"

"She is trapped in Jacques Eloi Des Mondes world. You must release her from the darkness by freeing the trapped spirits that dwell on Maljardin. She will respond to Mr. Philip Desmond while you are gone."

"All right Vangie, I will speak to Philip and leave immediately. "

Vangie fades from the room and Jean Paul walks from the room and rushes up the staircase to speak to Philip.


The next morning Jean Paul's plane lands at the French Leaf Port. He calls a cab to take him to the French Leaf café. Entering the cafe he walks up to the bar.

"Mr. Desmond it's nice to see you again." Naomi says as she walks up to the bar. "What can I get you?" She asks as she takes her order pad from her pocket.

"Nothing to drink Naomi, I would like to rent a boat."

"If you are looking for someone to take you to Maljardin you know that no one will go near your island."

"I will pilot it myself."

"Wait here." Naomi says as she steps into the back room.

As he waits Jean Paul orders a drink.

"Here are the keys Mr. Desmond. You can settle with Joe when you return the boat." She says as she lays the keys on the bar.

"Thank you Naomi." Jean Paul says as he finishes his drink and picks up the keys. He walks to the door and steps outside zipping his jacket as he walks to the boat docks. 

He finds Joe's boat and climbs aboard. Starting the motor he pilots the craft through the water avoiding the submerged rocks and the whirlpools that are forming.

As he nears the old docks on Maljardin he pilots the boat near the sandy beach. He steps into the shallow water and ties the boat off and glances across his Island. The fire had scorched the trees and grounds. He starts the treacherous climb up the slippery stone steps that lead to the mansion. He stands in silence at the burnt shell of his mansion.

"Jean Paul." Vangie's voice calls out to him.

Jean Paul turns and looks at Vangie with tears in his eyes. "It's gone, all gone."

"Yes Jean Paul but the Gods are here still protecting the Island.

"Do you mean the Serpent God?"

"Yes Jean Paul."

"Vangie the Serpent God is evil. It almost destroyed me at Desmond Hall."

"That was not our loving Serpent God but a devouring serpent."

"What must I do?" Jean Paul asks.

"Go to the caves that are beneath the cliffs. When you released Jacques you banished the Serpent God."

"But Vangie I am not a believer of your God."

"It does not matter. Your God will listen to your prayers while my God will stay to fight Jacques Eloi Des Mondes evil. When his hold over the Island is gone the spirits of your friends and family will be free."

"What about you Vangie?"

"When my death came on Maljardin my father the Conjure Man was there to protect my spirit from the evil of Jacques and Erica."

"Thank God for your fathers' interference. "

"Jean Paul you must go now if you want to save Emily. I sense Jacques evil starting to envelope Maljardin. You must hurry."

Jean Paul turns and walks as quickly as possible down the stone steps to the docks. He turns and begins to run towards the bottom of the cliffs as the sky darkens and thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. Rain pours down as the tide begins to rush in and the water rises towards the caves under the cliffs. Jean Paul begins to wade through the water that is already ankle deep. As he enters the cave he sees an altar set up on the ledge. The water is now waist deep as he pulls himself onto the ledge and kneels. "You are a loving spirit and I ask your forgiveness for releasing a demon from the pits of hell for my own selfish use. Because of my action I had brought death to my Island."

Jean Paul stands and walks to the edge of the ledge. He glances outside and towards the sky. "God forgive me."

He glances down as the water recedes from the cave. He closes his eyes. "Thank you."

"Jean Paul." Vangie calls to him.

Jean Paul opens his eyes to see Vangie standing on the sand below him.

"You have done it Jean Paul. The spirits that were trapped on Maljardin are now free. Emily is now free from Jacques world, Philip, yourself and Jacques granddaughter of twelve generation can now stop Jacques evil."

"Thank you Vangie."

"Goodbye Jean Paul." Vangie says as she fades.

"Jacques granddaughter? Vangie wait, what do you mean his granddaughter? " Receiving no answer Jean Paul clumbs down from the ledge and walks back to his rented boat.

Part IV. Banishment

Arriving back at the Desmond Mansion Jean Paul enters the Drawing Room to find it empty. As he steps into the foyer he sees Philip walking down the staircase. "Philip how is Emily?"

"We moved her back to the bedroom. She's awake but keeps slipping in and out of trances."

"And our guest?"

"She's in her room."

"I want to check on Emily then you and I will speak to Miss Desmond."

"I'll meet you in half an hour." Philip says as he grabs his jacket.

"Where are you going?"

"I have to go out for a while." Philip says as he steps through the open door, closing it behind him.

Jean Paul rushes up the staircase and enters his and Emily's bedroom. "Emily?" He calls out softly as he sees her in bed with her eyes closed.

Emily opens her eyes. "Jean Paul you're home. Philip said you went back to Maljardin. I was so afraid that you would not return."

Jean Paul walks over to the bed and sits on the edge pulling her into his arms. "I went back to free you from Jacques world on Maljardin."

"So that is what happened. I felt lost and trapped in a shadowy world then I found myself back home in Desmond Mansion." She pulls her head back to look at Jean Paul. "It's not over is it?"

"No Jacques is still able to control you but I think we have found a way to stop his evil."

"Oh Jean Paul I hope so." Emily says as she lays her head against Jean Paul's chest.

There is a tap on the door. "Yes." Jean Paul calls out.

The door opens and Philip looks inside. "Emily how are you feeling?"

"Better now that Jean Paul is home."

Philip enters the room. "Jean Paul I have asked Evette to join us in the Drawing Room. Emily I think that you should join us."

"Philip are you sure that is wise?" Jean Paul asks.

"I think that she needs to be there."

Emily gives a nod to Philip.

"Emily will you be able make it downstairs?" Philip asks.

"Yes Philip, Jean Paul and I will be down in a few minutes."

Philip steps to the doorway. "I'll accompany Evette to the Drawing Room."

Emily is lying upon the couch, Jean Paul stands near the window as Philip and Evette enter the room.

"Evette please take a seat." Jean Paul says to her.

Philip follows her across the room and stands behind her chair after Evette is seated.

"When you arrived you stated that it had started. What do you know about the trouble at Desmond Mansion?" Jean Paul asks.

"I know that Jacques Elois Des Mondes has returned."

"How are you involved?" Philip asks.

"What is this and inquisition? " Evette asks.

"No Evette I know that you are here to help." Emily says to her.

"How do you know that?" Jean Paul asks.

"I feel his anger."

"Who?" Jean Paul asks.

"Jacques, I sense his anger over Evette being here."

Thunder rumbles and the mansion shakes.

Emily stands and stares straight ahead.

"He's trying to take Emily back with him to his world of darkness." Evette says as she jumps to her feet.

"Jacques release her!" Jean Paul cries out.

Phillip grabs Evette's hand and pulls the totem from his pocket with his other hand. "Orendo God of my people please help my kinsman's wife. Stop the evil that is trying to take her away."

Evette raises their clasped hands. "Grandfather release this girl."

Jacques laughter echoes around the room.

"I call upon the Grandfather of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes to take this evil from us."

Victoire Des Mondes appears as Emily collapses. Jean Paul catches her as she begins to fall to the floor.

"Jacques I command your soul to accompany me."

Jacques appears next to his Grandfather. "Come Grandson." Victoire says as he places his arm around Jacques shoulder and they disappear.

Emily lifts her head and glances at Evette. "What happened?"

"Jacques has lost his hold over you." Evette says as she lowers her and Philip's hand.

"Is it really over?" Emily asks.

"Yes, Jacques has been banished." Philip replies.

"Evette who are you?" Jean Paul asks.

"A distant relative of Jacques."

"I don't understand." Jean Paul says.

"Maybe it is better that you don't cousin." Philip says to him.

There is a tap on the Drawing Room door.

"Come in." Jean Paul says.

"Mr. Desmond lunch is ready to be served." Lucille says from the doorway.

"If you wouldn't mind cousin I would like to take Evette out for lunch." Philip says as he looks at Evette.

Evette glances up at Philip and smiles. "I would enjoy that very much."

"It seems that there will be only two for lunch Lucille." Jean Paul says as he looks at Emily.

The end

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