Concise STRANGE PARADISE Episode Guide
by Curt Ladnier

Episodes 1-44: Maljardin Episodes (written by Ian Martin)
Episodes 45-65: Maljardin Episodes (written by various scriptwriters)
Episodes 66-129: Desmond Hall Episodes (Phillip & Holly)
Episodes 130-195: Desmond Hall Episodes (Jean Paul curse breaker)

Episode 1: On the island of Maljardin, billionaire Jean Paul Desmondís wife Erica dies suddenly and mysteriously. Jean Paul refuses to accept her death, instead striking a bargain with the spirit of his sinister ancestor Jacques Eloi des Mondes, who holds out the promise of otherworldly aid in restoring Erica to life.

Episode 2: Jacquesí spirit possesses Jean Paul, causing Raxl and Quito to begin their search for the conjure doll in an effort to exorcise him. Dr. Alison Carr meets impoverished artist Tim Stanton, and promises him a $7500 commission to paint a portrait of her sister Erica.

Episode 3: Young heiress Holly Marshall confronts Reverend Matt Dawson, accusing him of conspiring with her mother Elizabeth to have her confined in an attempt to cheat her of her impending inheritance. Holly informs him of her intention to run away. Elizabeth Marshall accuses Dawson of being physically attracted to her daughter.

Episode 4: Members of the Cryonics Society arrive on Maljardin to preserve Ericaís body. A possessed Jean Paul visits the mainland to sign some legal documents for his attorney Dan Forrest, and to transport Alison back to the island.

Episode 5: Alison proposes the idea of a portrait of Erica to Jean Paul, who in turn informs Alison that Erica has died. Attempting to leave Maljardin against Jean Paulís wishes, Desmond family physician Dr. Menkin dies in a mysterious fall near the docks.

Episode 6: Under Jacquesí influence, Jean Paul begins developing a closer relationship with Alison. Later, Alison has a disturbing dream of Maljardin in the 1600s, in which she is Jacquesí lover.

Episode 7: Holly arrives on the mainland, and is befriended by Tim Stanton and Vangie Abbott. Matt Dawson leaves his congregation in pursuit of Holly.

Episode 8: Dan Forrest learns about the dark history of Jacques Eloi des Mondes from Vangie. Alison despairs of Jean Paulís erratic behavior, but manages to convince him that Erica deserves a funeral service.

Episode 9: Vangie tells Tim that the Tarot cards predict dire things for Holly. Jean Paul arrives on the mainland to make final arrangements with Tim to begin work on the portrait of Erica.

Episode 10: Reverend Dawson reaches the mainland in an effort to reason with Holly. Jean Paul transports Tim back to Maljardin, and discovers that Holly has stowed away with them.

Episode 11: Jacques informs Jean Paul that if Erica is to be resurrected without drawing unwanted attention, no one who has come to Maljardin since her death may ever leave alive. Alison secretly tries to send a letter to Dan asking for his help, but the missive is intercepted by Jean Paul.

Episode 12: Elizabeth Marshall arrives at the cafť on the trail of Holly. Jean Paul attempts to destroy Alisonís letter, but is interrupted by Vangie. Jacques influences Jean Paul to invite Elizabeth to join his guests on Maljardin. Vangie reads the remnants of Alisonís letter, and hurriedly contacts Dan.

Episode 13: Elizabeth begins privately to covet the position of mistress of Maljardin, while Holly openly accuses her of having designs on the Desmond fortune. Tim commences work on the portrait of Erica, using Holly as a model.

Episode 14: Jean Paul refuses Alisonís request to leave Maljardin, declaring that anyone who comes to the island must become a ďdetained guestĒ. Vangie tells Dawson she has foreseen that he will soon find his way to Maljardin, and urges him to deliver her Tarot cards to Raxl.

Episode 15: Jean Paul asks Reverend Dawson to perform the funeral rites for Erica in a service to be held on Maljardin. Dan and Jean Paul quarrel, culminating in Danís dismissal as attorney to the Desmond concerns.

Episode 16: Reverend Dawson visits the crypt, and has misgivings about performing the funeral service because of Jean Paulís unwillingness to relinquish his wife to God. Alison informs the reverend that he will find it impossible to leave Maljardin. Dawson delivers the Tarot cards to Raxl.

Episode 17: Jacques chastises Jean Paul for not bringing Dan back to the island to join the other guests, and forbids him any further visits to the mainland. Vangieís father, the Conjure Man, dies, passing on to her the responsibility of combating the evil on Maljardin.

Episode 18: The houseguests on Maljardin tensely anticipate the impending funeral service. In the guise of Jean Paul, Jacques reconciles with Dan in order to lure him back to the island.

Episode 19: Despite the increasingly ominous air pervading the island, Reverend Dawson performs the funeral service for Erica, with Jean Paul and his guests in attendance. Afterwards, Dan becomes incensed that Jean Paul refuses to let any from the gathering leave Maljardin while refusing to concede that they are his prisoners.

Episode 20: Dan begins contemplating a way to escape the island, in spite of Alisonís warnings that he is putting his life in jeopardy. Alison questions the nature of her feelings for Jean Paul.

Episode 21: Jacques mocks Jean Paul, accusing him of feelings of desire for Alison. Dan speculates that Ericaís death was never reported to the proper authorities, despite Jean Paulís insistence that Dr. Menkin did file the required death certificate. Jean Paul offers Alison the use of Menkinís former laboratory.

Episode 22: Alison has a vision of Jacques, and fears that she is losing her mind. Jean Paul spies on his guests from the seclusion of his secret room, and Jacques warns him that he suspects the others are close to mutiny. The friction between Elizabeth and Holly increases, as Elizabeth makes a blatant pass at Tim.

Episode 23: Raxl reveals the hidden Temple of the Serpents to Reverend Dawson, and confides to him that she fears the devil is possessing Jean Paul. Alison puzzles over Dr. Menkinís apparent lack of records regarding Ericaís medical history. Contemplating suicide, Jean Paul removes a bottle of cyanide from Alisonís lab.

Episode 24: Tim vents frustration over his inability to complete the portrait of Erica, and regrets ever having taken the commission. Reverend Dawson finds two Tarot cards, which Raxl warns him prophesy that Holly is in extreme danger. Dawson tells Holly that there is a spiritual sickness on Maljardin, but she again rejects his aid.

Episode 25: Holly discusses the burden of her impending inheritance, as well as her bitterness towards her mother, with Jean Paul. Elizabeth attempts to insinuate herself between Jean Paul and Holly. Vangie and Raxl combine their powers to psychically transport Vangie to Maljardin.

Episode 26: Alison attempts to infer Dr. Menkinís course of treatment for Erica from the seemingly random books and notes in his library. Verbally sparring with Jean Paul, Dan implies that perhaps the reason he wants Ericaís death kept secret is that Jean Paul actually murdered his wife. Alison confronts Jean Paul about the bottle of cyanide missing from her lab.

Episode 27: Holly is mystified by Jean Paulís seeming disappearance from his bedroom. Tim tries to ease tensions between Holly and Elizabeth, but meets with little success. In a mock monologue to Erica, Jacques muses that Jean Paul will soon join her, rather than she return to him, once he has taken all that is mortal from her husband.

Episode 28: Jean Paul gives Elizabeth a tour of the des Mondes family portraits, and she marvels at his resemblance to the painting of Jacques. Tim confesses to a romantic interest in Holly, but she rebuffs him. Elizabeth accuses Holly of throwing herself at Jean Paul, and warns her daughter away, declaring that Jean Paul will belong to her. 

Episode 29: Alison reports that the missing bottle of cyanide contains enough poison to kill a thousand men, but thinks that if Jean Paul has stolen it he means to destroy only himself. Reverend Dawson and Alison discuss possession and exorcism, fearing that the subjects may relate directly to Jean Paul. Dawson wonders if the missing poison might be hidden in the Temple of the Serpents.

Episode 30: An unseen assailant pushes Holly down the main staircase. Raxl and Quito catch Reverend Dawson trying to sneak into the temple. Jean Paul asks Vangie to return with him to Maljardin and attempt to use her powers of spiritualism to contact Erica.

Episode 31: While Dan searches the crypt for the missing poison, the cryonics equipment inexplicably malfunctions. Alison unexpectedly discovers a book of Dr. Menkinís notes from six weeks prior to Ericaís death, and learns that he was investigating cellular regeneration. Dan begins to wonder if Menkin may have been murdered.

Episode 32: Jean Paul vows to kill whomever has tampered with the cryonics capsule. Elizabeth casts aspersions on Vangieís ability to contact Erica in the beyond. Raxl discusses the tragic history of Maljardin with Reverend Dawson, intimating that she has been an inhabitant of the island since the time of Jacques Eloi des Mondes.

Episode 33: Dan and Alison discover Quito collapsed at the foot of Timís unfinished portrait of Erica. Holly behaves temperamentally towards everyone around her, eventually retreating to the crypt and unburdening her pent up fears and insecurities to the inanimate Erica. The houseguests are shocked to find the unfinished portrait slashed and in tatters.

Episode 34: Holly believes that someone on the island wants to kill her. Vangie begins making preparations for the sťance she is to lead. Reverend Dawson attempts to convince Holly that it may be Jean Paul Desmond himself who is behind the recent strange occurrences that have befallen them. Imploring the spirits for guidance, Raxl and Vangie receive a warning that the sťance will bring sorrow to Maljardin.

Episode 35: Vangie tells Jean Paul that she will proceed with the plans for his sťance, although it will be at the risk of her own life, and a short time later she suddenly collapses. Reverend Dawson confronts Jean Paul, accusing him of messianic behavior masquerading as love. Regaining consciousness, Vangie announces that she has had a vision of Death on Maljardin.

Episode 36: The sťance is begun with Jean Paulís revelation that he hopes Ericaís spirit may tell him how to restore her to life. Jacques disrupts the proceedings at a crucial moment by taking possession of Jean Paul, and the chandelier above the sťance table crashes down on the participants. Vangie is trapped in her mediumís trance, leaving her in a zombie-like state. Raxl discovers a mystic message declaring that the spirit world is angry with Jean Paul.

Episode 37: Raxl admits that she is not fluent in the mystic languages, and that there may be another interpretation to the message. Jacques again possesses Jean Paul, and makes the surprising announcement that everyone is free to leave the island. Later, he persuades Holly to accompany him to the crypt, but she is startled when Jean Paul regains his senses and chases her out again, proclaiming that no one is allowed there. Raxl discovers that the message has been mysteriously altered, and now only reads DEATH.

Episode 38: Alison reveals that Dr. Menkinís notes indicate he was on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, and given more time he might have succeeded in resurrecting Erica. Quito brews an elixir which brings Vangie out of her trance. Jacques surreptitiously leaves more of Menkinís notes in Alisonís lab for her to discover. Berating Jean Paul, Jacques intimates that if his kinsman ever does manage to destroy him, he will be dooming himself in the process.

Episode 39: Reverend Dawson tells Holly that Jean Paul has changed his mind, again refusing to allow any of them to leave the island. Raxl wonders if it was Jean Paul who altered the message from the spirits, and is frustrated in her attempt to recreate the symbols of the original message from memory. Puzzled by the garbled re-creation, Vangie says it may prophesy something about an all-consuming fire.

Episode 40: Jean Paul commands all of his guests to assemble in the Great Hall, informing them that each is under suspicion of trying to prevent Ericaís return. He contends that an alien influence kept him from making contact with his wife at the sťance, and suspects that the malevolent force is working through one of them. After being confronted by both Holly and Alison over things he has no recollection of doing, Jean Paul comes to the realization that Jacques has been manipulating him again. 

Episode 41: Jean Paul presses Vangie to begin preparing for another sťance, and pledges to Erica that tomorrow he will speak to her. Holly and Alison discuss Jean Paulís lapses in memory. Reverend Dawson informs Vangie that he will not participate in another sťance, but she reveals that the Tarot cards predict he will. Jean Paul vows to find the missing portions of Dr. Menkinís notes at any cost.

Episode 42: Jacques commands Jean Paul to cease resisting his will. Quito finds a black rabbit outside the chateau, and presents it to Holly as a pet. An alarmed Raxl declares that no animals have inhabited the island for over 300 years, and Alison concurs that no living creature could survive in the wild on Maljardin. Raxl insists that the rabbit is an unnatural creature of the Devil, which must be destroyed. Holly pleads for the animalís life.

Episode 43: Reverend Dawson declares that it was his destiny to come to Maljardin, to be a force for good amidst the evil there. Jacques asks Jean Paul if he is sure that Erica would not prefer eternal rest to being pulled back from the grave. Raxl discovers a locket, dripping with blood, hanging around the neck of the black rabbit. Jean Paul is astonished to realize that the locket is the one which was on Ericaís body when she was sealed into the cryonics capsule, and demands to know how it got out.

Episode 44: Vangie believes that the rabbit may actually contain Ericaís soul, and begins a second sťance in an attempt to establish contact with her spirit. When she succeeds in making contact with the Beyond, an angry spirit manifests through Vangie, enraged and demanding release from confinement. Elizabeth tells Holly that she no longer trusts Jean Paul, confessing that she genuinely fears for their safety. The angry entity disrupts the sťance by possessing Holly, again demanding release. In an effort to strengthen Holly, Dan gives her a glass of wine. Upon consuming the drink, she clutches her throat and collapses.

Episode 45: Holly clings tenuously to life after her poisoning. Despite Jean Paulís urgings, Vangie says she will not expose the others to further danger by conducting another sťance. Raxl declares that the devilís evil has infected everyone on Maljardin. Jean Paul worries that he is losing his sanity, and that he is the source of the danger on the island. Jacques warns him that opening the cryonics capsule would be a mistake, but Raxl encourages him to open it and release Erica to eternal peace with the God he denied.

Episode 46: Jean Paul cannot bring himself to open the capsule, convinced that in doing so he would be murdering Erica. Alison determines that the wine did not contain the missing cyanide, and is hopeful for Hollyís recovery. Examining the blood upon the locket, she is stunned to realize that it is AB Negative, a rare type shared by her and Erica. Fearing his own instability, Jean Paul wonders if he could actually have killed Erica. Raxl and Quito are startled to discover a skull hanging in a secret compartment behind a portrait in the Great Hall.

Episode 47: Jean Paul thinks the skull is the earthly remains of the angry spirit which disrupted the sťance, but Raxl believes it to be a portent of death. Possessing Jean Paul, Jacques disquiets the others with the torturous history of the owner of the skull. Alison discovers that the poison in the wine was distilled from toxic vegetation on the island. Holly vows not to participate in another sťance. Jacques taunts Jean Paul, intimating that he is approaching total mastery of their shared body.

Episode 48: Those around her urge Holly not to endanger herself with another sťance. Jean Paul wonders if the locket is really Ericaís, or just a trick to get him to open the capsule and forever destroy any chance of resurrecting his wife. In an effort to create a diversion for Dan and Timís escape plan, Dawson agrees to cooperate with Jean Paulís sťance. Jacques begins exerting brief control over Jean Paulís body while he is still conscious. Jean Paul convinces Holly to participate in the sťance, promising to protect her as if she were his own daughter. Enclosed in the locket, Jean Paul finds a pearl which he also laid to rest with Erica.

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Episode 86: Agatha Pruitt arrives at Desmond Hall asking for Jean Paul. Her unusual demeanor mystifies the household, who are further puzzled by her casual statement that Jean Paul attempted to kill her. Cort and Laslo have a violent argument, during which Cort promises to kill his stepfather if he ever strikes Ada again. Alone in the library, Agatha produces a snake from her bag, speaking to it as if it were human. Later, Agatha stuns Emily with the revelation that she left home because her parents were witches.

Episode 87: Jean Paul prevents Agatha from calling the police, and placates her by allowing her to stay on at Desmond Hall. Learning of Agathaís pet snake Peter, Raxl interrogates the girl about her connection to the Serpent God, but the subject of pagan worship upsets Agatha immeasurably. Laslo hypnotizes Holly once again, and tells her she will kill Jean Paul upon his command. Raxl warns Jean Paul she believes that Agatha is devoted to the Serpent God, and he will never be safe while she is alive. Agatha tells Jean Paul that as long as she is obedient to Peter, he grants her every wish.

Episode 88: Holly tells Jean Paul about her conversations with the spirit of Philip. Jean Paul fears that she is falling in love with the ghost of his brother. Laslo tells Agatha that he knows her parents, and what they are, much to her distress. Raxl maintains that if Philipís studies in the occult were sufficiently advanced, it would be possible for his spirit to appear at Desmond Hall even if he were still alive. Jean Paul requests that Raxl attempt to contact Philip, but during her efforts she is attacked by a phantom emissary of the Serpent God.

Episode 89: Raxl survives the attack, and warns Jean Paul that the house has been invaded by a devouring serpent of Hell. She insists that Agathaís death is the only thing which will ensure safety at Desmond Hall, but Jean Paul forbids killing the girl. Laslo and Irene plot to bring Agatha into their coven. Jean Paul tells Emily he wishes he could ask her to stay at Desmond Hall forever, but he fears for her safety. Philipís spirit taunts Laslo and Irene, smashing their witchesí altar. The phantom serpent
attacks Emily, leaving her lifeless body to be discovered by Jean Paul and Laslo.

Episode 90: Despite her lack of pulse and heartbeat, Emily regains consciousness, saying she fought to return from some dark Hell. Irene believes that Emilyís state was the result of the paralyzing venom of the Serpent God, and that the deity has chosen Emily as its victim. In the secret room, Cort tries to welcome and befriend the Serpent God, but Philipís spirit intervenes, warning Cort that he is inviting evil. Pursued by the townspeople, Quito takes refuge at Ireneís cottage. Frightened, Cort attempts to crush Agathaís snake, mysteriously causing Emily to clutch her head and scream in pain.

Episode 91: Laslo unsuccessfully attempts to trick Agatha into going to Ireneís cottage with him. Jean Paul confides to Laslo that he has fallen in love with Emily, but fears for her safety. Irene works to turn Quito against Jean Paul, making him her servant. Heartbroken to discover that Jean Paul has declared his love for Emily, Agatha resolves to leave Desmond Hall, with the promise that Jean Paul too will be broken hearted when Emily is dead. Irene tells Laslo that she is frightened by his machinations regarding Agatha, as the Serpent God is more powerful than the Master they serve.

Episode 92: Laslo brings Agatha to Ireneís cottage, where the two accuse her of being a priestess of the Serpent God. She denies it, but admits that as a child she once prayed to him for help, and he sent her the snake Peter. Agatha reluctantly agrees to cooperate with their plans, only after Irene threatens to have Quito strangle her otherwise. Jean Paul expresses his love to an elated Emily, but she is suddenly overcome by the spirit of the Serpent God, declaring that she is his slave.

Episode 93: Emily has no memory of her spiritual possession. Raxl tells Jean Paul that there are ways to release a victim of the Serpent God, but only at a price that no human wishes to pay. Holly tells Cort she is in love with Philip, whether he is a ghost, spirit, or apparition from the grave. Jean Paul finds the crushed remains of Agathaís pet snake. Upon seeing the dead reptile, Emily is filled with rage, cursing Jean Paul for the creatureís death.

Episode 94: At a gathering of the coven, Laslo and Irene further demoralize Agatha by showing her Peterís battered remains. Reeling from this blow, she is horrified to come face to with her parents, members of the coven. Raxl tells Emily that the Serpent may be worshipped for either good or evil, but she has fallen to the darker power. Agatha curses her petís killer, and Cort is stricken with a strange attack. Realizing that Agatha will never submit to them, the coven votes to release the girl. But Irene and Laslo fear she has seen too much, and conclude that Agatha must die.

Episode 95: Erica comes to Jean Paul in a dream, urging him to return to her. Agatha promises to remain silent about the coven, if Irene and Laslo will just let her go. Raxl tells Cort he has incurred the Serpent Godís wrath by destroying Peter. Irene orders Quito to kill Agatha, but the girl manages to win him over, and they escape the cottage together. Again afflicted with the Mark of Death, Jean Paul flees the mansion, fearing he may harm Emily. At the local train station, he encounters Agatha, and in a moment of lucidity he asks her to return to the safety of Desmond Hall. A traveler approaches Jean Paul, and as he turns to look at her, he stares into the face of his dead wife Erica.

Episode 96: Jean Paul discovers that the woman is actually Helena Raleigh, a traveling actress bearing a stunning resemblance to Erica, and invites her to stay at Desmond Hall. Agatha returns to Desmond Hall with Quito, and Cort asks for her help in avoiding the wrath of the Serpent God. Jean Paul asks Holly how she will fulfill her love for Philip if he is dead. The household is taken aback by Helenaís appearance. Quito tries to warn Jean Paul of the witchesí coven.

Episode 97: Helena questions Jean Paul about Erica. The spirit of Philip tells Holly that he cannot allow her to love him, and fades from her sight. Helena muses to herself about becoming a Desmond, and has an encounter with the invisible Philip. Later, she comforts the heartsick Holly, and tells her she will help find Philip.

Episode 98: Helena counsels Holly to confide in her, rather than disturbing Jean Paul with her problems. Emily dreams that Jean Paul rejects her, leaving her to her fate with the Serpent God. Helena, Agatha, Holly, and Emily discuss their lives at Desmond Hall together. Laslo tells Ada that Irene means nothing to him, and disavows himself of her friendship. Emily discovers an aging photograph in an old volume in the library depicting four women on the gallows, each of whom resembles one of
the women of Desmond Hall.

Episode 99: Agatha feels as if she has been strangled by a hangmanís noose, and the mark of a rope burn appears upon her neck. She tries to tell both Jean Paul and Holly about the coven and its plots, but is unable to make them listen. Jean Paul tells Helena of the events on Maljardin, concluding that the thing masquerading as Erica was a demon sent after her death. Laslo locks Agatha in the secret room, leaving her to be destroyed by the Serpent God.

Episode 100: Jean Paul rescues Agatha from the secret room, but Raxl warns him that the girl is possessed of the Serpent Godís influence. Irene prays to the powers she serves to have Agatha restored to the coven. Agatha fears that the dark forces will work through her to harm Jean Paul, and she flees Desmond Hall, causing the household to go searching for her in the night. Agatha returns to the place on the docks where she first contemplated suicide, and is attacked by a murderous assailant.

Episode 101: After her corpse is retrieved from the river, Jean Paul insists Agatha must be laid in state at Desmond Hall. The ethereal Philip bemoans his efforts to stay away from Holly as agonizing. Raxl believes that Agatha was murdered by someone whom the family trusts. Jean Paulís grief drives him to a vow to destroy the Serpent God. Raxl and Quito threaten Cort over his possible connection with the Serpent, but Philipís spirit intervenes. Cort says Jean Paul may best help him by dying.

Episode 102: Agathaís parents give Jean Paul the girlís cremated remains, and a curse upon his soul. Raxl and Quito resolve to make use of the Crown of Iron, a torturous device which allows her to read memories directly from the mind of the mute servant. While reciting a scene from MACBETH, Helena Ďaccidentallyí smashes the urn containing Agathaís ashes, angering Jean Paul. The spirit of Philip appears to his brother, telling Jean Paul that he is not dead, and begging for rescue. Helena reconciles with Jean Paul by lying to him.

Episode 103: Helena accuses Laslo of sending her flowers bearing a card signed by Erica Desmond. Emily and Helena square off with each other over their relationships with Jean Paul. Adaís intimation that he had something to do with Agathaís death rouses Laslo to violence. Emily prays to the Serpent, offering the rest of the family as sacrifices if she may have Jean Paul.

Episode 104: After witnessing Helena ward off the spirit of the Serpent during its attack on Cort, Jean Paul believes that she has knowledge of the Serpent God, but she insists she was only drawing on her acting experience. Emily tells the Serpent that if he commands it, Jean Paul shall die. During a ceremony confronting the Serpent, Jean Paul is stricken with the Mark of Death, and attempts to strangle Emily.

Episode 105: Raxl interrupts Jean Paul, giving Emily the opportunity to flee. Influenced by the evil of the Serpent, Emily forms an alliance with Laslo and Irene. Jean Paul and Raxl attempt to use the power of the Mark of Death to destroy the Serpent God, but their effort fails. Emily tells Jean Paul she has decided to leave Desmond Hall temporarily for a rest at Ireneís cottage. Again possessed by the Mark, Jean Paul stalks Holly.

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