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The Maljardin episodes
Jean Paul Desmond is the multi-millionaire owner of a small Caribbean island called Maljardin, and master of the ancient estate located there. He is exceedingly devoted to his wife Erica, but finds that undying love comes at a price.
Jacques Eloi des Mondes is Jean Paul’s sinister ancestor from the seventeenth century, the man who first claimed Maljardin for the Desmond family. Jacques’ spirit haunts the great chateau on the island, and frequently possesses the body of his descendant Jean Paul in order carry out his nefarious doings.
Huaco (des Mondes) is Jacques’ bride during his mortal tenure on Maljardin. Having borne him a son, Huaco dies under mysterious circumstances from a plunge off the cliffs on the island’s shoreline.

Erica Desmond is Jean Paul’s wife, a former actress who gave up her career to start a family with Jean Paul on his island home. Erica dies unexpectedly during the latter days of her pregnancy, causing Jean Paul to begin a fanatical effort to preserve her body and to find a means of resurrecting her from the dead.
Dr. Alison Carr is Erica’s sister, who comes to Maljardin to help out with the pregnancy only to discover that Erica has passed away. She fears for Jean Paul’s sanity, but uses her skills as a scientist to help him in his search for a means to return her sister to life. (During the flashbacks to Maljardin in the 1600s, Huaco’s sister Raoua is revealed to look exactly like Alison from the present day. Raoua is Jacques’ illicit lover.)
Dan Forrest is attorney to the Desmond family, friend to Jean Paul, and love interest to Alison Carr. His strong will and practical sensibilities cause friction between him and Jean Paul when he learns of his friend’s efforts to revive Erica. (Dan also bears a striking resemblance to Danton, a confidant of Jacques during his life in the seventeenth century.)
Raxl is the primary servant on Maljardin, and a long-time retainer to the Desmond family. She is also a practitioner of voodoo, and a staunch combatant of the evil of Jacques Eloi des Mondes. She knows seemingly everything about the history of the island, and may have been with the Desmonds far longer than most people suspect.
Quito is the zombie-like man of all work on Maljardin, assistant to Raxl and devoted to Jean Paul. His ominous and imposing appearance belies a truly gentle and sensitive soul, but he will go to any lengths to serve his master.
Holly Marshall is the troubled young runaway heiress who finds her way to Maljardin in an attempt to get away from her controlling mother. She is anxious for her twenty-first birthday, when she can take control of the fortune left to her by her deceased father, but comes to realize that on Maljardin, she may not live that long.
Elizabeth Marshall is Holly’s scheming mother, who may be just a little too concerned about what happens to her daughter’s inheritance. Enamoured of Jean Paul’s wealth and position, she would love to insinuate herself into the Desmond family, but is there something even darker behind her motives than meets the eye?
Reverend Matthew Dawson is a clergyman whose concern for Holly causes him to leave his flock and go in pursuit of the runaway. He says he wants to guide her out of harm’s way, but is his interest in the youth more than just spiritual?
Tim Stanton is an aspiring young artist whose circumstances have run him afoul of a loan shark. The opportunity to paint a commission for the Desmond family seems like a godsend to him, but what god sends blessings to Maljardin?
Vangie Abbott owns a local nightclub on the mainland near Maljardin. She is occasionally known to read a tarot card or two for the amusement of her customers, but is there something more to this friendly proprietress?
The Conjure Man, a mysterious local elder, is Vangie’s father. He has combated the evil of Maljardin for decades, but is he powerful enough to withstand a renewed onslaught from Jacques Eloi des Mondes?
Dr. Menkin is the Desmond family doctor and physician-in-attendance to Erica during her pregnancy. Despite professional reservations, he assists Jean Paul in his earliest attempts to preserve Erica’s body. But he soon discovers that Maljardin is an unhealthy place for a man of

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The Desmond Hall episodes:

Jean Paul Desmond, Holly Marshall, Raxl, Quito: 
The Maljardin episodes.

Philip Desmond (1) is the beloved brother of Jean Paul, and inheritor of Desmond Hall, the family’s ancestral estate in North America. A respectable businessman and pillar of the community, could it be his dabblings in the Dark Arts which have caused his sudden disappearance?
Philip Desmond (2) is a distant cousin to brothers Jean Paul and Philip, and the rest of the family in Desmondton. Arrived unexpectedly from the North, this genial wanderer professes an interest in learning more about his family’s roots. But does his casual arrival at Desmond Hall mask a more sinister mission?

Ada (Desmond) Thaxton is the cousin of Jean Paul and Philip, and has recently become the wife of her second husband, Laslo Thaxton. Her son, Cort, violently disapproves of his caustic new stepfather, while mild-mannered Ada vainly attempts to keep peace between the two. But if she is so harmless, whatever became of her first husband?
Laslo Thaxton is Ada’s scheming new husband, who plots to gain possession of the Desmond fortune. In Philip’s absence, he has assumed control of Desmond Hall, as well as command of the family business, and resents the threat he perceives in the arrival of Jean Paul. But is he prepared to resort to more than just earthly means to attain his avaricious ends?
Cort is the troubled young adult son of Ada, and next in line for the Desmond fortune after Jean Paul. Tortured by the absence of his natural father and the cruelty of his stepfather Laslo, Cort constantly battles his conflicting feelings towards his family. But just how long is he willing to wait to assume his position as head of the Desmond empire?
Julian Desmond is the erstwhile father of Ada and grandfather of Cort. His return to Desmond Hall has been prompted by his desire to re-connect with the daughter he left behind nearly a lifetime ago. But why did the Desmond family record his tragic death and burial more than four decades earlier?
Irene Hatter is a fixture in Desmondton, friend to all the right people and self-proclaimed town gossip. Her friendship with Laslo Thaxton may be a bit too close, but perhaps she needs his help in leading the local witches’ coven.
Emily Blair is a scholar and historian who has come to study the texts in Desmond Hall’s family library, and has become increasingly intrigued with the brooding Jean Paul. But is historical research her only reason for delving into the Desmond family’s dark past?
Helena Raleigh is an itinerate actress who, after a chance encounter with Jean Paul, receives an unexpected invitation to stay at Desmond Hall. But is her uncanny resemblance to his dead wife Erica really just a coincidence?
Susan is a mystery, an attractive young woman who arrived at Desmond Hall with no introduction or explanation. She seems to know much about the Desmond family, but does not claim to be a member herself. What strange secret does this outsider harbor?
Agatha Pruitt is a young dressmaker at one of the shops in Desmondton. An unusual encounter with Jean Paul on the village streets late one night prompts her to presume upon his hospitality at Desmond Hall. But is this unstable, snake-loving houseguest just an opportunist, or something far more threatening to the Desmond family?

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