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Reprinted below is a smattering of candid info regarding the cast of STRANGE PARADISE, gleaned from the pages of TV BY DAY magazine. Originally presented in the publicationís July 1970 issue, it is worth noting that both Sylvia Feigel and Kurt Schiegl had already departed from the show by the time this information saw print, and the entire series was only weeks away from the cancellation of its original run.

COLIN FOX (Jean Paul Desmond & Jacques des Mondes): Born Geoffrey Smith, Colin is 31, married to actress Irene Balser. His nose was broken twice in high school fistfights, but he's an easy-going, patient type, who enjoys bird-watching. Other interests include filmmaking. In 1963, he wrote, produced and starred in "Noncensus."

COSETTE LEE (Raxl): "I'm not a nice old lady at all," says Cosette of her role, "and I love it!" Wife of Charles Freyer, a manufacturer, she makes all her own clothes and loves puttering around in her garden. Since her stage debut in "Peter Pan," Cosette has appeared in films and on stage, TV and radio.

KURT SCHIEGL (Quito): Once Austria's heavyweight boxing champ, he's 6'4", weighs 250. But Kurt's a gentle giant, who plays the organ and writes TV scripts in his spare time. He's married and has two children, Kurt, 5, and Monica, 4. His secret ambition? "To play the Hunchback of Notre Dame."

SYLVIA FEIGEL (Holly): Sylvia made her stage debut at 5 and has loved the theater ever since. For a while she commuted 700 miles a day to appear in a Montreal play and a Toronto TV series at the same time! Still single, she's devoted to her career and prefers the stage or TV to making movies.

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